Lucy Moore Associates, Inc.

Mediation, Facilitation, Consultation & Training

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Lucy Moore, President of Lucy Moore Associates, Inc. (LMA), is pleased to offer mediation, facilitation, consultation and training services. In practice since 1985, Lucy is recognized as a leader in the field of natural resource and public policy dispute resolution. Clients include Federal, State, Local and Tribal governments and agencies, as well as organizations, communities and private interests. Often working with multiple parties and multiple issues, LMA has dealt with water rights and quality, endangered species, forest management and planning, mining reclamation, hazardous waste disposal, land use planning, and much more.

LMA also specializes in cases that include tribal groups or governments, or other traditional, land-based communities. Lucy’s years living and working on the Navajo Reservation have given her a special sensitivity to cross-cultural issues as they play themselves out in conflicts. With a multicultural team of associates, LMA can provide a wide range of services with skills and credibility hard to match:
  • Mediation
  • Facilitation
  • Process Design
  • Conflict Assessment
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Please feel free to contact us for more information.
  • Meeting Summary and Report Writing
  • Training and Coaching
  • Consultation
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